Sometimes  I have conversations with my future 92 year old self. It sounds crazy, and quite possibly it is, but she’s a wise old dear and has good perspective. I think of her when I’m deep in contemplation or making a big decision. What advice would 92 year old Rosalyn give me right now? Most often, she provides that little bit extra courage I need, or she tells me to smile and just let it… View Post

It’s a quiet Sunday. Grey. Michael and I raked the billions of fallen leaves in our yard today, which was somewhat of a feat in the Wyoming wind. It was the kind of day that calls for cozy socks and a nap. Our wood stove is back in regular use, our only (chosen) means of heat through the winter months. Michael and I took the dogs for a walk and the town felt more still… View Post

Four years ago in Hawaii I ran a 15.6 mile race. It took me exactly two hours, fifty four minutes and fourteen seconds. (I am not the swiftest of runners).  That’s almost three hours of running. And today folks, today, I ventured out for my first run in a long while and I could hardly muster 15 minutes. Not even two miles! Lordy, how the body changes. As I chugged along, huffing and puffing, thighs… View Post

Confession. Recently, I actually did the following: I woke up, rolled out of bed, grabbed my Iphone off the nightstand and shuffled half asleep down the hall to the bathroom, where I proceeded to check my work email on my phone while I peed. Let me repeat, I CHECKED MY EMAIL WHILE I PEED. That’s right. As in, I was doing business while I was doing my business. And then I decided to scroll through… View Post

As a new yoga student, the beauty of living in a large city is the opportunity it provides to explore lots of different kinds of yoga with many teachers at various studios. I attended my first yoga class in Vancouver when I was in my early twenties. It was a slow hatha class, I was the youngest person there and I remember liking it but being a little impatient and wanting more of a challenge.… View Post