Love Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I choose to celebrate all the beautiful love in my life. I choose to celebrate MY heart – my gigantic, bold, bleeding, happy, sad, caring, courageous, adventurous, messy, passionate, ALIVE heart.  I choose to let it fill me up and make me smile. I choose to make myself my favorite pancakes for breakfast. I choose to buy myself some pretty fresh flowers.  I choose to run in the park. I choose to swim in the ocean. I choose to play in the sun. And I choose to dance around my house to this song, because it makes me laugh every time (especially that talking interlude where she “falls and nearly breaks her ass.” 🙂

Hug, kiss and snuggle up to the ones you love today, and if you can’t be with them, give yourself a big ol’ hug and  tell yourself that YOU are always and truly enough.

I am grateful for LOVE!


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